TTS #3: Kane: A Re-Masked Kane vs. The Undertaker @ WrestleMania XVIII


I don't, or better yet don't wanna, come up with a fantasy idea about this topic, but I feel very strong about this one.

I really feel like the WWE should bring back Kane as a masked, unstoppable force and challenge The Undertaker for potentially his last WrestleMania.

Who better than Kane. The Undertaker has always had popularity, but it's hard to say that Kane isn't a huge part of his success. The battles they had during the Attitude Era. They were a HUGE reason why I'm still such a huge WWE fan to this day. It had dramatics. It had suspense. It had monsters. What more can a twisted 8 year old ask for? lOl!

The WWE has already written Kane's character as feeling like a "human and not a monster now" and with him being off the air with a kayfabe injury, you know he's going to come back more dominant.

The WWE Creative Team should put together a couple of promos where The Undertaker comes back a month and a half before The Grandest Stage Of Them All, and when the The Undertaker comes back 4 weeks before WrestleMania and his usual "soul taker" promo being inturupted with the WrestleMania date in bleeding letters and black background one week, the same promo with a laugh the next, Undertaker/Kane vintage clips the third week, and Kane coming to the ring with a face off/evil off in the middle of the squared circle the week before WrestleMania.

Two Legends + High Quality Match = MORE RATINGS!

Lets Do It!



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