TTS #1: Kelly Kelly, The Divas of Doom, & the future of the Divas Division

Source: PSD Dreams
Source: PSD Dreams

Dear WWE Creative Team,


How to improve the Divas Division in 6 easy steps:


1. Turn Eve against Kelly Kelly, which leads to her heel turn & alliance with the Divas of Doom (as I detailed in a comment earlier). The Divas of Doom have been laying low on Double K the past couple of weeks, which could work in this ideas favor.


2. Align face Divas with Kelly Kelly (AJ, Alicia Botch Fox,or two of whoever else they have) & have them go against the Divas of Doom (with new member Eve Torres) for a couple of weeks.


3. Have the DOD brutally attack AJ, which causes her to kayfabe be out for 3 months, which then turns the war to a 2-on-3 battle.


4. Bring in or back a WRESTLING diva (Layla or Melina), and have them "come to the rescue" of Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox during a DOD beatdown.


5. Give either Nattie or Beth the championship! Enough said.


6. If these angles go well enough and is able to last a while longr (which I highly doubt), this can lead to the return of a neutral, everbody-gets-hurt minded Kharma, who wipes out everybody on the path to a "Ali vs. Frasier" power match with Kharma vs. either Beth or Nattie at future PPVs, hopefully WrestleMania.


--Tha Truth Shoots--

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