TTS #2: Dolph Ziggler: Face Turn?


     Even though I love Dolph Ziggler as a career heel, & don't see the WWE writing him as a face anytime soon, here's how I would write Dolph Ziggler as a face (with the storyline today):

After about 4 weeks of the Swagger/Ziggler rivalry, week after week the WWE shows a cut scene of Dolph & Vickie arguring over whether she should manage Swagger or not. This then leads to Dolph calling Vickie "worthless, not perfect" & Vickie slapping the heelish taste out of Dolph in the ring.

Dolph then grabs Vickie by the neck with an Orton-like rage in his face, which leads to Swagger then comes to the aid of Vickie & prevailing over Dolph in a "battle of the fist" brawl, sending Doplh out of the ring.

Dolph then grabs a mic from the announce table, walks towards the ramp, and then makes his usual rant, ending with this:

"Vickie, this "dual management" deal has to STOP! It's either me, or him, no exceptions. If you can't decide who you want to choose, than I guess we have to handle this for ourselves. Swagger? You. Me. (Enter PPV here)! Winner earns Vickie's management. Loser loses her FOREVER!

*Cue Vickie's annoying yell.*

PPV Time

No details on the match, but Dolph wins hitting an impressive Zig Zag countering Swaggers pumphandle slam finnisher.

Vickie then comes to the ring and offers Zigz an apology & a handshake. He then slaps away Vickie's hand, followed by:

WE...ARE...THROUGH!!! (walks out of ring)

*Cue Vickie's yell..again*

Fans go wild.

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