#TTS #6: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. CM Punk

Source: appledressing.tumblr.com
Source: appledressing.tumblr.com

    So I've been seeing a LOT of CM Punk Vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for WM28 comments, photos, ect, & although I LOVE that idea & want to see it happen in a way, one thing about this topic that fans do I hate: Comparing CM & SCSA.

    Although I know both wrestlers are both EXCELLENT in-ring & mic workers, CM Punk is in NO LEAGUE of the Texas Rattlesnake.

    I know what you guys are thinking: Really? Really? No league? Really? Yes, REALLY! I strongly believe this, and here's my reasons:

#1: The Era

    CM Punk can't be compared to Stone Cold just by this reason: The Attitude Era vs. The Reality Era.
    Pop Quiz: Name 10 potential future HOF'ers in the WWE right now. Give up? You should. Because their AREN'T any.

    The Attitude Era was FILLED with HOF caliber superstars: SCSA himself, HHH, The Rock, The Undertaker, Mankind, Kane. You can even go on to say JR, King, even Paul Bearer. The list goes on. All this talent, but still, The Rattlesnake
found his place as the top guy in such a tough roster to be a star in.
    Who does Punk have to really battle who can touch him ring & mic talent wise? You can't found the guys on one hand. You may can blame this on whoever you want, but the fact is SCSA wins.

#2: Mic Work Over-Rules

    Of course I know that with the new PG era of the WWE, Punk can't shine like he wants to. That of course isn't his fault, but you CANNOT compare CM Punk to SCSA in a battle of the mic.
    CM Punk's only real shining moment on a WWE microphone was his "I Am The Best" shoot promo a couple of months back when he burried the organization. Sure it was awesome. Sure it was a "breath of fresh air", but Stone Cold freakin career was a breath of fresh air. Every week the guy stepped on a WWE stage he gave fans a breath of fresh air. Classic promo after classic promo, memorable moment after memorable moment. The guy was just an icon.
    CM Punk wore a "Stone Cold" shirt during his one memorable moment, and rightfully so, but since then, what memorable has he really done? The pipe bomb stuff? Feuding with Diesel? Man please! lOl!

Pipe Bomb!

    I have many other reasons ans ideas of why Punk can't touch SCSA, but this is getting lenghty, so I'm going to leave it at this.


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