TTS #8: WWE's "Generation Generation": Be A Generation Child. Be Successful.

Source: ThaTruthShoots
Source: ThaTruthShoots

    So I'm quite sure members of the IWC have went over this topic a million times, if not then I shall create the foundation, but does being a generation superstar mean automatic success in the WWE. Let's see

    Let's break down the list: Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Jimmy & Jey Uso, DH Smith, Natayla, Alberto Del Rio,Joe Henning (which I feel is better than 'Michael McGillicutty'), and a lesser known Sim Snuka, also known as Duece from Duece & Domino. Together I called them The Generation Generation, or G2.

    All WWE (& former) WWE superstars, all children of former superstars (although ADR's dad never wrestled in the company), & all have moderate success. Sure Tamina hasn't held the womens gold yet, but may just so in her career.

    I chose not to include The Viper on my edited photo of because everyone knows that RKO is the son of "Cowboy" Bob Orton (if you don't, how does that rock you live under fill), and every since he stepped foot into a WWE areana, he's been successful: Joining Evolution & Legacy, winning every active WWE men's championship, winning ROyal Rumble, the lsit goes on. All in 9 years as a WWE superstar. He's the soul and heart of this list.

    Everyone else fits this "Generation Means Greatness" mold as well:
    Cody Rhodes: 3x World Tag Team Champ, 1x Intercontential Champ, 1x WWE Tag Team Champ (in 4 years active)
    Ted DiBiase: 2x World Tag Team champ, 1x Million Dollar Champ (in 3 years active)
    Now with Natayla (1x champ), The Usos, Alberto Del Rio (current WWE champ), as well as DiBiase and Rhodes being pushed in SmackDown's "Orton Era", the arguement is almost fact:

Be A Generation Child. Be Successful!

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