TTS #9: CM Punk: Why the CM Punk "epic" shoot promo was OVERRATED!

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     So unless you been living under a rock, you've probably seen or at least heard about the CM Punk shoot promo. Well, you see the title. So let's get to it, shall we:

My Fave 5 Reasons: Why The CM Punk Shoot Promo Was Overrated.

stone cold steve austin and vince mcmahon

5.) Stone Cold:
    Let's face it: when you're trying to follow someone in a "Bash The Boss" contest in the WWE, you hope & pray that it's not the Texas Rattlesnake. The guy singlehandedly wrote the book on not giving a damn about Vincent K. McMahon. That's what made the Attitude Era great. CM Punk bashed the boss one time, and it lasted all of a month. That's mediocre.

Young CM Punk
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4:) PG Era:
    Even though it's not CM Punk's fault that he has to promo in the PG Era, but the fact that he does really killed his promos greatness to me. Imagine how great this promo could've been if he could've dropped a couple of F-bombs or called Steph a "b**** like he did this fan:

     lOl! I'm wrong, I know. But I feel like it would've generated SO much buzz if he hasd the ability to be SO much more rude than it was. Then it would've reached that legend category.

John Cena 2011

3. Back To The "Cena Era"
    So CM Punk shoot promo was one of the best in recent history. I know. However, can you tell me who won this war. If you guessed Raw's Superman: John Cena, YOU ARE CORRECT! Woooooo! So CM was the WWE Champion for what, like 8 days. Then all of the sudden, he's co-champion with Cena. WHAT!? CENA IS CHAMP AGAIN! Of course, because no matter what Punk does, no matter how epic the shoot was, he's still didn't end as champion. Del Rio walked away with the gold. And instead of Punk getting a rematch clause, he was forced to do what? Have a freakin' #1 CONTENDER'S match and LOSE to John Cena. Which leads to my next point.

2: Back to Old Guys & Mid-Carding:
    Yes, that's right. Back to MidVille he goes. Before the shoot promo, Punk was put in yet another mid-card rivalry with the near-retiring Rey Mysterio, which ended up being a good match. Then the promo came. Then the battle in Chicago he won. Then boring arguements with Cena. Then a Punk win. Then A Kevin Nash attack. Now, he's facing a who-I-thought-were-retired HHH in a upper-mid card match over some boring "pimp bomb" business. That, is lame! HHH can't help generate as much heat as John Cena could have for Punk. HHH's pop is not as big as he had back during the late 90's and early 2000's. It just doesn't add up to be explosive, and I personally, am bored with this Punk/Nash/HHH rivalry. It makes me forget that about two months ago Punk was the biggest name in the WWE.

CM Punk Best On The World

1: That's It?
    So the WWE pushed Punk into a well-deserved WWE Championship gain. They allowed him to go outside of the WWE's norm and say what he feels. They made Punk a premiere guy. Now, he's feuding with Kevin Nash and his WWE Championship reign is well behind us again. So....that's it? Is he going to be a outspoken mid-carder again. Will he beat Cena or Del Rio for the title. I don't see the great in that. If they would've let Punk come out every week and bash Vince it would've made this shoot SO much better. Like a reincarnation of the Attitude Era, who many want to happen but plenty know will not. Those high hopes were CRUSHED, and now Punk has been getting flatter and back to the WWE's norm as he was before. He doen't even seem like a honest, outspoken guy anymore. Just a guy who complains about his job every chance he gets, but refuses to quit. It's annoying, and now, what's next?

So that's why I feel that the "epic" CM Punk Shoot Promo is overrated. Like it or not, I don't think my mind will ever change on this.

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