TTS #10: "FaVe FiVe" WWE Face Superstars

ThaTruth's "FaVe FiVe" WWE Face Superstars

#5: The Usos


    Word is that the WWE are trying to split these two up again, which I think is another edition to the WWE's Stupidity List. Since the Usos have become a face tag team, now entering the ring with their ancestry war dances, it makes them SO much entertaining than their heel debut. If the WWE market these two guys well enough, they can become one of the better tag team in recent years.

#4: Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel Beard 2011
Source: TrellThaTruth

First off, why doesn't the WWE bring back the Cruiserweight division?
    Secondly, why did the WWE give the Poo Nexus the music that Justin should CLEARLY have?


     Now that I got that out my system, I was so happy when this guy went face. Even though he has the talent and ring ability to go on a heel rampage, he's so much better as a face. The fact that he's another international superstar can be worked in the WWE's favor with marketing and sales. All he needs now is a IC title push within th next 6 months.

#3: Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder Long Island Iced Z

     What more can you say about the Long Island Iced Z. I smile just at the site of this guy. Not because of his corny but entertaining gimmick, but the fact that instead of being with okay with WWE Superstars-only fame, he YouTubed his way into the main brands. Plus, he's just a talented, athletic guy. Imagine how athletic you have to be to do the Rough Ryder. This guy is a genius. #WWWYKI

#2: Daniel Bryan


     The most talented in-ring performer in the WWE. Trained by the best in the business. This guy is made to be a superstar. Of course he's not the biggest guy. Of course he's not the best mic worker, but with his level of in-ring talent, what does it matter.
    The WWE needs a way to market this guy before his potential WrestleMania cash-in though. Maybe make him into a modern-day Dean Malenko. Maybe calling him "The Master of 1000 Maneuver", put him in a series of matches with CM Punk on the way, and having the two-men having a mutual respect for each other. The true Punk fans will totally take notice. Speaking of the devil...

#1: CM Punk

CM Punk 2011 Night Of Champions

     What more can I say about this guy: Great mic worker in rcent time. Enough in-ring skills to give out. Hands down "The Best In The World". I was extremely pleased when the WWE pushed him into the WWE Championship reign a few months ago. The future looked bright. Out with the Cena-Era & into the new Punk-Era. Now the self-proclamed "Voice Of The Voiceless" is back to mid-carding with HHH. REALLY!? This guy should be the WWE Champion. I know it. The WWE knows it. The fans know it. Even John Cena knows. it.

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