TTS #11: "FaVe FiVe" Wrestlers Who Need Face Turn

     So I was on the other day to see who can I include in my "FaVe 5: Face Superstars" list, & I noticed: They have LITTLE face wrestlers!
    Of course, I didn't want to include Cena and Orton since this is the "Cena/Orton" era & I had to make the list with main card guys because honestly, I can't tell you WHO is face or heel on the Superstars show because I don't watch it.
    So this made me make this list, so here's my

FaVe FiVe: Wrestlers Who Need Face Turn

#5: Tamina


    I know she's a Diva & not a superstar, but I really think that it's time for Tamina to go face. Since coming to the WWE, Tamina hasn't really found a place in the WWE. She started off her career managing the Usos as a heel, then all of the sudden went face "dating" Santino Marella, and since being shipped to SmackDown, she's sort of disappered.
    I know little of Tamina's actual wrestling abilities & honestly don't know whether she's face or heel at the moment, so I'm going off what I think.
    I think they should either make her a somewhat force battling the Divas of Doom (I like Cole's "Sisters of Destruction" better) with Alicia Fox, or make her as the managers of the newly face Usos again, with all three of them acknowledging their Samoan heritage.

#4: Michael McGillicutty


    Since this guy appeared in the WWE, I've wanted him to be a face. He NEEDS to be embraced as "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig's son. His real name Joe Hennig sounds SO much better to be. The WWE should put his as one of their "Generation generation" stars, & push him as a face superstar, feuding him with partner David POOtunga & coming to the ring in a newer version of his father's entrance music.

#3: Ted DiBiase


    Like I did with #5 & #4, DiBiase needs to embrace his father's legacy. The WWE tried this with his first attempt of his gimmick as a singles compeitor, but it made little buzz. Maybe it's time to make him a face & contrasting himself to The Million Dollar Man's heel persona.
    He's now feuding with Cody Rhodes who is an awesome, well-recieved heel, so maybe this is the direction that the Creative Team is taking him.

#2: Dolph Ziggler


     "HeelZiggler" needs to be refreshed. I've said this before in Tha Truth Shoot's #2, & of course this thought is no different.
    It's really time for Dolph to drop Vickie Guerrero as a manager, and established himself as a likable, talented young champion.

#1: Heath Slater


    This guy...has all the be a face. Pretty boy looks, red hair, country accent. He's face as soon as you see his face. lOl! The WWE seems to always want to put their "pretty boys" as heel personas. Cockiness is not always popular. The Rick Rude days are behind us.
    They need to have Slater grow his hair back long, & establish him as a fun having "One Man Rock Band". Give him the look & attitude he had in FCW, except make him a good guy. The persona he has now is bland & not that enjoyable. Make him an energetic rocker guy who bounces down the ramp, slapping hands with fans, comes out to rock music & not the crap he has now, and then you have a STAR!

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    Marcel (Sunday, 23 October 2011 17:45)

    Several of these replies on this post are garbage, You should delete them.

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    Yasin (Tuesday, 25 October 2011 02:11)

    Nice post bro

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