TTS #12: RAW (Rant Against WWE) Pt. 1: The Usos

Credit For This Idea Goes To:  Jordan Simon.

    It's been a couple of months since the Uso brothers went face on SmackDown, & after a couple of months of watching these guys unveil their AWESOME war dance routine & show off their GREAT in-ring chemistry/individual talent, it BEWILDERS me that the WWE doesn't mold these guys as their "Tag Team of The Future."

    For a minute, it actually seemed like this was the direction the company was going: they were fatured on SmackDown on a weekly basis, they were feuding with the former tag team champions New Nexus. All seem on the up & up for Jimmy & Jey. Then all of the sudden, they were gone. Vanished. No longer feuding. No longer featured on SmackDown. Which leaves me with the three letter acronym:


    These guys have ALL the tools to be a FANTASTIC tag team in my eyes: they're young which can lead to a long future, they're talented which is the most important, they come from a wrestling bloodline so the tradition runs deep, & their chemistry & diversity is out of this world. What more does the WWE need?

    But what does the WWE do? Put ALLIANCES (not true tag teams) together in "Air Boom" & "Awesome Truth" & market them.


    You HAVE a legitimate tag team. You HAVE guys who work together like clockwork. You HAVE the future of tag team competition in your hands & you letting it slip through your fingers like beach sand.
    Plus, these guys can be marketed SO WELL! Imagine this:

-The Usos.
-At WrestleMania 28.
-The Crowd going WILD BANANAS!
-They stop at the top of the ramp. Pause. Smile. -Then they look back.
-Next thing you know, Tamina, followed by Rikishi, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, The Wild Samoans, & Rosy. -Then out come a traditional Samoan band.
-On the titantron they show Umaga RIP.
-The WHOLE family then does Haka together while the band plays.


    Then after the Usos win the tag team titles for the FIRST TIME, they put on a 10 for 15-min, big family Samoan celebration. Instruments playing, fire breathers, ect. Just a crazy celebration.

What do you think people? Chime in on the comments.

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