TTS #16: WWE Hell In Th Cell: Predictions & Fantasy Outcomes (PT. 1)

     Now with Hell In The Cell only a week away, I think it's time to set up my first ever predictions on my page. But you know ThaTruth just can't make predictions! I have to do what I feel like I do best, and put work storyline ideas in as well.


     In the cases of picking winners, I would usually pick the superstars who I want to win, but with the whole conspiracy claim kicking in around the WWE, I'm going to based my winners & ideas on what would benefit this brand-wide storyline.


PS, I know these won't be the only matches during the PPV. Pt. 2 will come after the rest of the matches are set.

Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

WINNER: Kelly Kelly


Outcomes & Predictions

     In the case of these two Divas, I still don't feel like the WWE Creative are done with this storyline, so I expect Beth to go 0-3 against WWE's Barbie & the Divas of Doom going into an all out rampage on the WWE Divas. I don't see the Divas of Doom playing a role in this whole conspiracy thing. I mean Kelly HAS been winning cleanly & Beth HAS been giving title opportunities, so the DOD/Divas war will not leak into the conspiracy.

Christian vs. Sheamus

WINNER: Sheamus/The  Fans


      Like the K2/Beth rivalry, I do not see this war leaking into the conspiracy claims on Raw. From these two, I just see great, one-on-one matches with two stand up competitors.

     For this one, the only thing I can really see happening is Sheamus or winning cleanly in a well fought one on one match. This will easily be the #2 best match of the night behind the Triple Threat Match.


Outcomes & Predictions

     I see Sheamus winning this one against Christian in a out of no-where Irish Curse.

     As The Great White celebrates, Christian then drops Sheamus with a forearm to the back of the head. He then follows up with a couple of kicks to the abdomen & heads outside to get a chair from ringside.

     When Christian returns to the ring, chair in hand, willing to strike Sheamus with it,  Sheamus then clothesline Christian, followed by a whip to the ropes & a brogue kick out of the ring.

     Christian walks up the ramp holding head saying "This isn't over Sheamus!"

     In the back, expect Christian re-joining Dolph, Swagger, & Otunga to talk about the lawsuit against the WWE.


World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry (Hell In The Cell)

WINNER: Mark Henry


     Now I know a Orton win would do wonders with this whole conspiracy thing, but the WWE has made The World Strongest Man TOO BIG of a force in his reign of Hall of Pain to make him a loser this early.

     Mark Henry is no stranger to short title reigns as well. His first title reign as the European champion only lasted 1 month & 1 day, & his reign as ECW Champion was only 3 months.

     So with Henry playing his best role in his 15-year WWF/E career & seeming so comfortable playing a heel with so much built up frustration (which HAS to be real), he will be champion more than two weeks.


Outcomes & Predictions

     This match is a bit unpredictable to me. You can't ecpect too much from these two guys in the ring, but it's definitely a possibility that it turns out to be a good one.

     Expect a lot of back & forth from these two guys. Mark Henry wil come out showing his power advantage over Orton. Orton then makes a short comeback. Henry then outpowers Orton and slams him to the cage.

     Blah Blah. Blah Blah.

     Orton then goes into his "trance" of Viperness, goes for an RKO, Mark counters. In th end, you see either:

  • a World Strongest Slam cleanly
  • a WSS on an object


  • a body splash on a chair wrapped around Orton's leg

WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk vs. John Cena (Triple Threat Hell In The Cell)

WINNER: Who Know!?


     With SO many questions unanswered on Raw plus these three superstar's statuses in the WWE, it's so hard to tell WHO will win this match & what will be the outcomes.
     On the last episode of Raw, Alberto Del Rio was showed as being the dominant one in this three-way. A good move by the WWE because Del Rio just seemed like a third wheel to this equation.

     With that being said, who to choose now?


1: Albero Del Rio:

The dark horse of this match who really has NOTHING to lose & EVERYTHING to prove.

2: CM Punk

Argueably the most popular guy on the roster nowaday, is it time to put the title back into Punkster (as Colt Cabana calls him) hands & let him lead the role as WWE's main guy.

3: John Cena

WWE's Golden Boy, who's known to have a title around his waist pretty much every since he stepped foot in the WWE. Will the WWE finally get off the Cena Train & finally put him out the title picture or will he win again & make the conspiracy claim even stronger?


     Many things can come out of this storyline. This just may be the most mind-bending storyline in recent years. I have a lot of thoughts of what may happen, & I bet you guys do, so here we go:


Outcomes & Predictions

  • Awesome Truth WILL be involved in the outcome of this match once again.
  • HHH will be a part of the outcome.
  • If Punk wins or loses, he will lead the conspiracy claims around the WWE alongside Christian, which will make the WWE more interesting
  • If Cena wins, you will expect a lot of bragging on his part of "earning the title fairly", followed by an inturruption by either HHH, Punk, Del Rio, Christian, or all the above.
  • HHH or the three participants get attacked by Awesome Truth
  • SHOT IN THE DARK: Vince McMahon makes his return at either HITC or Raw.
  • SHOT IN THE DARK: Kevin Nash makes a return to affect the outcome.

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