TTS #17: WWE Hell In The Cell: Predictions & Fantasy Outcomes (PT. 2)

Now that more matches have been set for Hell in The Cell, let's get into my Part Two predictions & outcomes:

Sin Cara (blue) vs. Sin Cara (black)

     Even though most WWE fans have named the tall Sin Cara on the right EVIL Sin Cara, the WWE has yet to establish which is which, so I will just label them Blue Cara vs. Black Sin Cara.


      Now that THAT has been established, like I did on my Twitter account, I will go out on a limb and GUARENTEE that SIN CARA will walk out out of Hell in The Cell victorious. (Ha!) But in all serious, my prediction on who will win this war is as obvious as day:



Outcomes & Predictions

     I've been saying this one for awhile, but I feel like the WWE should tag these two cruiserweights up & make them a great high flying tag team like London & Kendrick.

     Let me ask you this readers: When's the last time you seen a masked tag team in the WWE who weren't just there for jobbing?

     Question 2: When's the last time you've seen a tag team with a face and heel?


These things are SO rare in the WWE!


However, this is what I think may happen with this outcome:


1. Blue Cara wins cleanly, & gets attacked by Black Cara.

2. Blue Cara wins cleanly & Black Cara shakes hands with him & leaves WWE.

3. Blue Cara wins, & they form a tag team.










TTS #16: WWE Hell In Th Cell: Predictions & Fantasy Outcomes (PT. 1)

     Now with Hell In The Cell only a week away, I think it's time to set up my first ever predictions on my page. But you know ThaTruth just can't make predictions! I have to do what I feel like I do best, and put work storyline ideas in as well.


     In the cases of picking winners, I would usually pick the superstars who I want to win, but with the whole conspiracy claim kicking in around the WWE, I'm going to based my winners & ideas on what would benefit this brand-wide storyline.


PS, I know these won't be the only matches during the PPV. Pt. 2 will come after the rest of the matches are set.

Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

WINNER: Kelly Kelly


Outcomes & Predictions

     In the case of these two Divas, I still don't feel like the WWE Creative are done with this storyline, so I expect Beth to go 0-3 against WWE's Barbie & the Divas of Doom going into an all out rampage on the WWE Divas. I don't see the Divas of Doom playing a role in this whole conspiracy thing. I mean Kelly HAS been winning cleanly & Beth HAS been giving title opportunities, so the DOD/Divas war will not leak into the conspiracy.

Christian vs. Sheamus

WINNER: Sheamus/The  Fans


      Like the K2/Beth rivalry, I do not see this war leaking into the conspiracy claims on Raw. From these two, I just see great, one-on-one matches with two stand up competitors.

     For this one, the only thing I can really see happening is Sheamus or winning cleanly in a well fought one on one match. This will easily be the #2 best match of the night behind the Triple Threat Match.


Outcomes & Predictions

     I see Sheamus winning this one against Christian in a out of no-where Irish Curse.

     As The Great White celebrates, Christian then drops Sheamus with a forearm to the back of the head. He then follows up with a couple of kicks to the abdomen & heads outside to get a chair from ringside.

     When Christian returns to the ring, chair in hand, willing to strike Sheamus with it,  Sheamus then clothesline Christian, followed by a whip to the ropes & a brogue kick out of the ring.

     Christian walks up the ramp holding head saying "This isn't over Sheamus!"

     In the back, expect Christian re-joining Dolph, Swagger, & Otunga to talk about the lawsuit against the WWE.


World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry (Hell In The Cell)

WINNER: Mark Henry


     Now I know a Orton win would do wonders with this whole conspiracy thing, but the WWE has made The World Strongest Man TOO BIG of a force in his reign of Hall of Pain to make him a loser this early.

     Mark Henry is no stranger to short title reigns as well. His first title reign as the European champion only lasted 1 month & 1 day, & his reign as ECW Champion was only 3 months.

     So with Henry playing his best role in his 15-year WWF/E career & seeming so comfortable playing a heel with so much built up frustration (which HAS to be real), he will be champion more than two weeks.


Outcomes & Predictions

     This match is a bit unpredictable to me. You can't ecpect too much from these two guys in the ring, but it's definitely a possibility that it turns out to be a good one.

     Expect a lot of back & forth from these two guys. Mark Henry wil come out showing his power advantage over Orton. Orton then makes a short comeback. Henry then outpowers Orton and slams him to the cage.

     Blah Blah. Blah Blah.

     Orton then goes into his "trance" of Viperness, goes for an RKO, Mark counters. In th end, you see either:

  • a World Strongest Slam cleanly
  • a WSS on an object


  • a body splash on a chair wrapped around Orton's leg

WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk vs. John Cena (Triple Threat Hell In The Cell)

WINNER: Who Know!?


     With SO many questions unanswered on Raw plus these three superstar's statuses in the WWE, it's so hard to tell WHO will win this match & what will be the outcomes.
     On the last episode of Raw, Alberto Del Rio was showed as being the dominant one in this three-way. A good move by the WWE because Del Rio just seemed like a third wheel to this equation.

     With that being said, who to choose now?


1: Albero Del Rio:

The dark horse of this match who really has NOTHING to lose & EVERYTHING to prove.

2: CM Punk

Argueably the most popular guy on the roster nowaday, is it time to put the title back into Punkster (as Colt Cabana calls him) hands & let him lead the role as WWE's main guy.

3: John Cena

WWE's Golden Boy, who's known to have a title around his waist pretty much every since he stepped foot in the WWE. Will the WWE finally get off the Cena Train & finally put him out the title picture or will he win again & make the conspiracy claim even stronger?


     Many things can come out of this storyline. This just may be the most mind-bending storyline in recent years. I have a lot of thoughts of what may happen, & I bet you guys do, so here we go:


Outcomes & Predictions

  • Awesome Truth WILL be involved in the outcome of this match once again.
  • HHH will be a part of the outcome.
  • If Punk wins or loses, he will lead the conspiracy claims around the WWE alongside Christian, which will make the WWE more interesting
  • If Cena wins, you will expect a lot of bragging on his part of "earning the title fairly", followed by an inturruption by either HHH, Punk, Del Rio, Christian, or all the above.
  • HHH or the three participants get attacked by Awesome Truth
  • SHOT IN THE DARK: Vince McMahon makes his return at either HITC or Raw.
  • SHOT IN THE DARK: Kevin Nash makes a return to affect the outcome.





TTS #15: Quick Thought: The SmackDown Square-Dance

     I'm not going to go in depth like I did in all my other blogs I did. Just a quick idea/reason to make the photo above:


     First it was:

Randy Orton vs. Christian

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry


Now it's:

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

Sheamus vs. Christian


I'm not big on making wagers, but I think there are high odds that the next installment to this square dance will be:


Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Christian vs. Mark Henry




Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry vs. Sheamus vs. Christian


In this 4-man, only pushed, WWE SmackDown main event square dance.







TTS #14: #FutureWWENetworkShows: My (& TwitNation) Ideas

Here's some of my ideas for possible show ideas for the new WWE Network (coming in 2012)

#1: In With The Old

    I, personally, would LOVE to see the WWE bring back their weekend shows I grew up loving. With WCW airing Thunder on Thursdays, I'd used to LOVE being able to watch wrestling ALL WEEK. Plus I would love to see Mean Gene on my tv screen bringing wrestlers outside wrestlng again with WWE Confidential.

#2: Z! True Long Island Story

    I know a lot of people have posted this, but a trend I saw was a full 30-min show.


    That's a GREAT idea, although that may be reaching. I think a 10-15 minutue "minishow" would do just fine.


     Maybe then we can see the broskis Primo & Curt Hawkins on TV again.

#3: WWE: Where Are They Now?

    There are numerous of videos on YouTube asking this question. even has a page dedicated to this. But instead of the WWE highlighting wrestlers they are still on good terms with, why not reach out to the ones they might not have the best relationship with: the quitters, the slackers, the TNA-crew. Making "WATN?" a thirty-minute TV show will be a GREAT addition.

#5: WWE: 365

    A hour-long show highlighting random superstars and their life on the road, traveling 200+ days a year, stopping at random places while meeting fans on the way, highlighting all their appreciation outside the ring. It would make for good TV.

Other WWE TwitNation Ideas






TTS #13: WWE Ladies Night Out: A Divas-Only Show?

    So this idea has been around the world wide web for quite some time now, but I think it's FINALLY time that this becomes a reality. That's why I took it upon myself to create this logo & these ideas:

Source: ThaTruthShoots (WWE Logo: No Copyrights Intended)


    A lot of people bash the WWE Divas. They're not wrestlers. They're models. They can't prform more than 3 or 4 minutes.
    Well let me be the one to say that this is NOT the case. The WWE Divas are trained by Hall Of Famers in the FCW. Some even have had more training outside the organization. So the fact that most can't wrestle is not true. They have just been missing the platform in which they can prove themselves.

    I think the WWE should finally stop dancing around the idea of a Divas-only show & finally make it a reality. Whether it be a bust or not, just give them a shot.

    Make it an hour-long show, maybe on Wednesday, advertising that the Divas can actually work more than four minutes in the ring & work a great storyline.

    The Divas of Doom haven't made that big of an impact as people would have hoped, and with Kharma & Layla making their way back to the WWE in the near future, a Divas-show is a GREAT idea with a growing division.

    How can they start off the show? Easy. All you need is this to happen before the show airs:

1. Beth or Natayla as Divas Champion.

2. Kelly Kelly & Eve feuding with the Bellas.


3. Kharma promos promoting her return.

4. An international Divas feud featuring Layla & Maryse.

4. A face Diva made strictly for popularity, maybe AJ.

5. New Divas either from NXT or outside organizations to stir up some controversy.


6. The return of  Melina.

    I strongly believe that the WWE should take a chance on a Divas-only show, but I want to know what other people think. So share this blog & comment below.







TTS #12: RAW (Rant Against WWE) Pt. 1: The Usos

Credit For This Idea Goes To:  Jordan Simon.

    It's been a couple of months since the Uso brothers went face on SmackDown, & after a couple of months of watching these guys unveil their AWESOME war dance routine & show off their GREAT in-ring chemistry/individual talent, it BEWILDERS me that the WWE doesn't mold these guys as their "Tag Team of The Future."

    For a minute, it actually seemed like this was the direction the company was going: they were fatured on SmackDown on a weekly basis, they were feuding with the former tag team champions New Nexus. All seem on the up & up for Jimmy & Jey. Then all of the sudden, they were gone. Vanished. No longer feuding. No longer featured on SmackDown. Which leaves me with the three letter acronym:


    These guys have ALL the tools to be a FANTASTIC tag team in my eyes: they're young which can lead to a long future, they're talented which is the most important, they come from a wrestling bloodline so the tradition runs deep, & their chemistry & diversity is out of this world. What more does the WWE need?

    But what does the WWE do? Put ALLIANCES (not true tag teams) together in "Air Boom" & "Awesome Truth" & market them.


    You HAVE a legitimate tag team. You HAVE guys who work together like clockwork. You HAVE the future of tag team competition in your hands & you letting it slip through your fingers like beach sand.
    Plus, these guys can be marketed SO WELL! Imagine this:

-The Usos.
-At WrestleMania 28.
-The Crowd going WILD BANANAS!
-They stop at the top of the ramp. Pause. Smile. -Then they look back.
-Next thing you know, Tamina, followed by Rikishi, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, The Wild Samoans, & Rosy. -Then out come a traditional Samoan band.
-On the titantron they show Umaga RIP.
-The WHOLE family then does Haka together while the band plays.


    Then after the Usos win the tag team titles for the FIRST TIME, they put on a 10 for 15-min, big family Samoan celebration. Instruments playing, fire breathers, ect. Just a crazy celebration.

What do you think people? Chime in on the comments.






TTS #11: "FaVe FiVe" Wrestlers Who Need Face Turn

     So I was on the other day to see who can I include in my "FaVe 5: Face Superstars" list, & I noticed: They have LITTLE face wrestlers!
    Of course, I didn't want to include Cena and Orton since this is the "Cena/Orton" era & I had to make the list with main card guys because honestly, I can't tell you WHO is face or heel on the Superstars show because I don't watch it.
    So this made me make this list, so here's my

FaVe FiVe: Wrestlers Who Need Face Turn

#5: Tamina


    I know she's a Diva & not a superstar, but I really think that it's time for Tamina to go face. Since coming to the WWE, Tamina hasn't really found a place in the WWE. She started off her career managing the Usos as a heel, then all of the sudden went face "dating" Santino Marella, and since being shipped to SmackDown, she's sort of disappered.
    I know little of Tamina's actual wrestling abilities & honestly don't know whether she's face or heel at the moment, so I'm going off what I think.
    I think they should either make her a somewhat force battling the Divas of Doom (I like Cole's "Sisters of Destruction" better) with Alicia Fox, or make her as the managers of the newly face Usos again, with all three of them acknowledging their Samoan heritage.

#4: Michael McGillicutty


    Since this guy appeared in the WWE, I've wanted him to be a face. He NEEDS to be embraced as "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig's son. His real name Joe Hennig sounds SO much better to be. The WWE should put his as one of their "Generation generation" stars, & push him as a face superstar, feuding him with partner David POOtunga & coming to the ring in a newer version of his father's entrance music.

#3: Ted DiBiase


    Like I did with #5 & #4, DiBiase needs to embrace his father's legacy. The WWE tried this with his first attempt of his gimmick as a singles compeitor, but it made little buzz. Maybe it's time to make him a face & contrasting himself to The Million Dollar Man's heel persona.
    He's now feuding with Cody Rhodes who is an awesome, well-recieved heel, so maybe this is the direction that the Creative Team is taking him.

#2: Dolph Ziggler


     "HeelZiggler" needs to be refreshed. I've said this before in Tha Truth Shoot's #2, & of course this thought is no different.
    It's really time for Dolph to drop Vickie Guerrero as a manager, and established himself as a likable, talented young champion.

#1: Heath Slater


    This guy...has all the be a face. Pretty boy looks, red hair, country accent. He's face as soon as you see his face. lOl! The WWE seems to always want to put their "pretty boys" as heel personas. Cockiness is not always popular. The Rick Rude days are behind us.
    They need to have Slater grow his hair back long, & establish him as a fun having "One Man Rock Band". Give him the look & attitude he had in FCW, except make him a good guy. The persona he has now is bland & not that enjoyable. Make him an energetic rocker guy who bounces down the ramp, slapping hands with fans, comes out to rock music & not the crap he has now, and then you have a STAR!






TTS #10: "FaVe FiVe" WWE Face Superstars

ThaTruth's "FaVe FiVe" WWE Face Superstars

#5: The Usos


    Word is that the WWE are trying to split these two up again, which I think is another edition to the WWE's Stupidity List. Since the Usos have become a face tag team, now entering the ring with their ancestry war dances, it makes them SO much entertaining than their heel debut. If the WWE market these two guys well enough, they can become one of the better tag team in recent years.

#4: Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel Beard 2011
Source: TrellThaTruth

First off, why doesn't the WWE bring back the Cruiserweight division?
    Secondly, why did the WWE give the Poo Nexus the music that Justin should CLEARLY have?


     Now that I got that out my system, I was so happy when this guy went face. Even though he has the talent and ring ability to go on a heel rampage, he's so much better as a face. The fact that he's another international superstar can be worked in the WWE's favor with marketing and sales. All he needs now is a IC title push within th next 6 months.

#3: Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder Long Island Iced Z

     What more can you say about the Long Island Iced Z. I smile just at the site of this guy. Not because of his corny but entertaining gimmick, but the fact that instead of being with okay with WWE Superstars-only fame, he YouTubed his way into the main brands. Plus, he's just a talented, athletic guy. Imagine how athletic you have to be to do the Rough Ryder. This guy is a genius. #WWWYKI

#2: Daniel Bryan


     The most talented in-ring performer in the WWE. Trained by the best in the business. This guy is made to be a superstar. Of course he's not the biggest guy. Of course he's not the best mic worker, but with his level of in-ring talent, what does it matter.
    The WWE needs a way to market this guy before his potential WrestleMania cash-in though. Maybe make him into a modern-day Dean Malenko. Maybe calling him "The Master of 1000 Maneuver", put him in a series of matches with CM Punk on the way, and having the two-men having a mutual respect for each other. The true Punk fans will totally take notice. Speaking of the devil...

#1: CM Punk

CM Punk 2011 Night Of Champions

     What more can I say about this guy: Great mic worker in rcent time. Enough in-ring skills to give out. Hands down "The Best In The World". I was extremely pleased when the WWE pushed him into the WWE Championship reign a few months ago. The future looked bright. Out with the Cena-Era & into the new Punk-Era. Now the self-proclamed "Voice Of The Voiceless" is back to mid-carding with HHH. REALLY!? This guy should be the WWE Champion. I know it. The WWE knows it. The fans know it. Even John Cena knows. it.






TTS #9: CM Punk: Why the CM Punk "epic" shoot promo was OVERRATED!

CM Punk Shoot Promo Photo

     So unless you been living under a rock, you've probably seen or at least heard about the CM Punk shoot promo. Well, you see the title. So let's get to it, shall we:

My Fave 5 Reasons: Why The CM Punk Shoot Promo Was Overrated.

stone cold steve austin and vince mcmahon

5.) Stone Cold:
    Let's face it: when you're trying to follow someone in a "Bash The Boss" contest in the WWE, you hope & pray that it's not the Texas Rattlesnake. The guy singlehandedly wrote the book on not giving a damn about Vincent K. McMahon. That's what made the Attitude Era great. CM Punk bashed the boss one time, and it lasted all of a month. That's mediocre.

Young CM Punk
Source: (dx-girl)

4:) PG Era:
    Even though it's not CM Punk's fault that he has to promo in the PG Era, but the fact that he does really killed his promos greatness to me. Imagine how great this promo could've been if he could've dropped a couple of F-bombs or called Steph a "b**** like he did this fan:

     lOl! I'm wrong, I know. But I feel like it would've generated SO much buzz if he hasd the ability to be SO much more rude than it was. Then it would've reached that legend category.

John Cena 2011

3. Back To The "Cena Era"
    So CM Punk shoot promo was one of the best in recent history. I know. However, can you tell me who won this war. If you guessed Raw's Superman: John Cena, YOU ARE CORRECT! Woooooo! So CM was the WWE Champion for what, like 8 days. Then all of the sudden, he's co-champion with Cena. WHAT!? CENA IS CHAMP AGAIN! Of course, because no matter what Punk does, no matter how epic the shoot was, he's still didn't end as champion. Del Rio walked away with the gold. And instead of Punk getting a rematch clause, he was forced to do what? Have a freakin' #1 CONTENDER'S match and LOSE to John Cena. Which leads to my next point.

2: Back to Old Guys & Mid-Carding:
    Yes, that's right. Back to MidVille he goes. Before the shoot promo, Punk was put in yet another mid-card rivalry with the near-retiring Rey Mysterio, which ended up being a good match. Then the promo came. Then the battle in Chicago he won. Then boring arguements with Cena. Then a Punk win. Then A Kevin Nash attack. Now, he's facing a who-I-thought-were-retired HHH in a upper-mid card match over some boring "pimp bomb" business. That, is lame! HHH can't help generate as much heat as John Cena could have for Punk. HHH's pop is not as big as he had back during the late 90's and early 2000's. It just doesn't add up to be explosive, and I personally, am bored with this Punk/Nash/HHH rivalry. It makes me forget that about two months ago Punk was the biggest name in the WWE.

CM Punk Best On The World

1: That's It?
    So the WWE pushed Punk into a well-deserved WWE Championship gain. They allowed him to go outside of the WWE's norm and say what he feels. They made Punk a premiere guy. Now, he's feuding with Kevin Nash and his WWE Championship reign is well behind us again. So....that's it? Is he going to be a outspoken mid-carder again. Will he beat Cena or Del Rio for the title. I don't see the great in that. If they would've let Punk come out every week and bash Vince it would've made this shoot SO much better. Like a reincarnation of the Attitude Era, who many want to happen but plenty know will not. Those high hopes were CRUSHED, and now Punk has been getting flatter and back to the WWE's norm as he was before. He doen't even seem like a honest, outspoken guy anymore. Just a guy who complains about his job every chance he gets, but refuses to quit. It's annoying, and now, what's next?

So that's why I feel that the "epic" CM Punk Shoot Promo is overrated. Like it or not, I don't think my mind will ever change on this.






TTS #8: WWE's "Generation Generation": Be A Generation Child. Be Successful.

Source: ThaTruthShoots
Source: ThaTruthShoots

    So I'm quite sure members of the IWC have went over this topic a million times, if not then I shall create the foundation, but does being a generation superstar mean automatic success in the WWE. Let's see

    Let's break down the list: Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Jimmy & Jey Uso, DH Smith, Natayla, Alberto Del Rio,Joe Henning (which I feel is better than 'Michael McGillicutty'), and a lesser known Sim Snuka, also known as Duece from Duece & Domino. Together I called them The Generation Generation, or G2.

    All WWE (& former) WWE superstars, all children of former superstars (although ADR's dad never wrestled in the company), & all have moderate success. Sure Tamina hasn't held the womens gold yet, but may just so in her career.

    I chose not to include The Viper on my edited photo of because everyone knows that RKO is the son of "Cowboy" Bob Orton (if you don't, how does that rock you live under fill), and every since he stepped foot into a WWE areana, he's been successful: Joining Evolution & Legacy, winning every active WWE men's championship, winning ROyal Rumble, the lsit goes on. All in 9 years as a WWE superstar. He's the soul and heart of this list.

    Everyone else fits this "Generation Means Greatness" mold as well:
    Cody Rhodes: 3x World Tag Team Champ, 1x Intercontential Champ, 1x WWE Tag Team Champ (in 4 years active)
    Ted DiBiase: 2x World Tag Team champ, 1x Million Dollar Champ (in 3 years active)
    Now with Natayla (1x champ), The Usos, Alberto Del Rio (current WWE champ), as well as DiBiase and Rhodes being pushed in SmackDown's "Orton Era", the arguement is almost fact:

Be A Generation Child. Be Successful!






TTS #7: WWF/WWE Raw Theme Music/Intro: What's Your Favorite?

     So I was going through my usual favorite wrestling topics, & I came upon this awesome video from CopyRightHater2006.


     With me being a WWE fan since 1998, of course my favorite theme was the 1998 version, but one thing his video is missing is the pre-intro WWE video, which I'm still in the process of finding. The pre-video is what made me hype, as if an 8-year old kid isn't hyper enough. lOl!


     But enough about me: What is your favorite WWE Raw Theme. Use this video to refreshen your memory:








#TTS #6: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. CM Punk


    So I've been seeing a LOT of CM Punk Vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for WM28 comments, photos, ect, & although I LOVE that idea & want to see it happen in a way, one thing about this topic that fans do I hate: Comparing CM & SCSA.

    Although I know both wrestlers are both EXCELLENT in-ring & mic workers, CM Punk is in NO LEAGUE of the Texas Rattlesnake.

    I know what you guys are thinking: Really? Really? No league? Really? Yes, REALLY! I strongly believe this, and here's my reasons:

#1: The Era

    CM Punk can't be compared to Stone Cold just by this reason: The Attitude Era vs. The Reality Era.
    Pop Quiz: Name 10 potential future HOF'ers in the WWE right now. Give up? You should. Because their AREN'T any.

    The Attitude Era was FILLED with HOF caliber superstars: SCSA himself, HHH, The Rock, The Undertaker, Mankind, Kane. You can even go on to say JR, King, even Paul Bearer. The list goes on. All this talent, but still, The Rattlesnake
found his place as the top guy in such a tough roster to be a star in.
    Who does Punk have to really battle who can touch him ring & mic talent wise? You can't found the guys on one hand. You may can blame this on whoever you want, but the fact is SCSA wins.

#2: Mic Work Over-Rules

    Of course I know that with the new PG era of the WWE, Punk can't shine like he wants to. That of course isn't his fault, but you CANNOT compare CM Punk to SCSA in a battle of the mic.
    CM Punk's only real shining moment on a WWE microphone was his "I Am The Best" shoot promo a couple of months back when he burried the organization. Sure it was awesome. Sure it was a "breath of fresh air", but Stone Cold freakin career was a breath of fresh air. Every week the guy stepped on a WWE stage he gave fans a breath of fresh air. Classic promo after classic promo, memorable moment after memorable moment. The guy was just an icon.
    CM Punk wore a "Stone Cold" shirt during his one memorable moment, and rightfully so, but since then, what memorable has he really done? The pipe bomb stuff? Feuding with Diesel? Man please! lOl!

Pipe Bomb!

    I have many other reasons ans ideas of why Punk can't touch SCSA, but this is getting lenghty, so I'm going to leave it at this.







#TTS #5: Chris Masters "Will Wrestle For Food" the WWE the WWE "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.

The WWE...dropped the ball with "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.

Any Questions?


     Chris Masters is, excuse me, WAS, a great for the WWE. He fits Vince McMahon's "muscle heavy stars" fetish, he had the talent & mechanics in the ring, & even though he's not quite up to the mic skills of a CM Punk or John Cena, just like skills in the ring, mic skills can be taught as well. It's just what you do with the talent that makes them stars.


     The WWE should have RAN with this much talent in their grasp, but as you can see by the roster, they don't.


     But enough of that, check out ths video of Chris Masters at Summerslam, still showing his fan appreciation.






#TTS #4: Thee Biggest....Reaction...EVER!

     By far my favorite WWE video on YouTube: I know a lot of people say that CM Punk's hometown reaction at Capitol Punishment was the best crowd reaction in recent history, and rightfully so.


BUT! When a superstar...can get...this BIG of a a Raw show, only one word comes to mind: Iconic.


Videos like this is why I fell in love with the WWE. There's NOTHING like the Attitude Era, and there's NO ONE like the Texas Rattlesnake.






TTS #3: Kane: A Re-Masked Kane vs. The Undertaker @ WrestleMania XVIII


I don't, or better yet don't wanna, come up with a fantasy idea about this topic, but I feel very strong about this one.

I really feel like the WWE should bring back Kane as a masked, unstoppable force and challenge The Undertaker for potentially his last WrestleMania.

Who better than Kane. The Undertaker has always had popularity, but it's hard to say that Kane isn't a huge part of his success. The battles they had during the Attitude Era. They were a HUGE reason why I'm still such a huge WWE fan to this day. It had dramatics. It had suspense. It had monsters. What more can a twisted 8 year old ask for? lOl!

The WWE has already written Kane's character as feeling like a "human and not a monster now" and with him being off the air with a kayfabe injury, you know he's going to come back more dominant.

The WWE Creative Team should put together a couple of promos where The Undertaker comes back a month and a half before The Grandest Stage Of Them All, and when the The Undertaker comes back 4 weeks before WrestleMania and his usual "soul taker" promo being inturupted with the WrestleMania date in bleeding letters and black background one week, the same promo with a laugh the next, Undertaker/Kane vintage clips the third week, and Kane coming to the ring with a face off/evil off in the middle of the squared circle the week before WrestleMania.

Two Legends + High Quality Match = MORE RATINGS!

Lets Do It!








TTS #2: Dolph Ziggler: Face Turn?


     Even though I love Dolph Ziggler as a career heel, & don't see the WWE writing him as a face anytime soon, here's how I would write Dolph Ziggler as a face (with the storyline today):

After about 4 weeks of the Swagger/Ziggler rivalry, week after week the WWE shows a cut scene of Dolph & Vickie arguring over whether she should manage Swagger or not. This then leads to Dolph calling Vickie "worthless, not perfect" & Vickie slapping the heelish taste out of Dolph in the ring.

Dolph then grabs Vickie by the neck with an Orton-like rage in his face, which leads to Swagger then comes to the aid of Vickie & prevailing over Dolph in a "battle of the fist" brawl, sending Doplh out of the ring.

Dolph then grabs a mic from the announce table, walks towards the ramp, and then makes his usual rant, ending with this:

"Vickie, this "dual management" deal has to STOP! It's either me, or him, no exceptions. If you can't decide who you want to choose, than I guess we have to handle this for ourselves. Swagger? You. Me. (Enter PPV here)! Winner earns Vickie's management. Loser loses her FOREVER!

*Cue Vickie's annoying yell.*

PPV Time

No details on the match, but Dolph wins hitting an impressive Zig Zag countering Swaggers pumphandle slam finnisher.

Vickie then comes to the ring and offers Zigz an apology & a handshake. He then slaps away Vickie's hand, followed by:

WE...ARE...THROUGH!!! (walks out of ring)

*Cue Vickie's yell..again*

Fans go wild.






TTS #1: Kelly Kelly, The Divas of Doom, & the future of the Divas Division

Source: PSD Dreams
Source: PSD Dreams

Dear WWE Creative Team,


How to improve the Divas Division in 6 easy steps:


1. Turn Eve against Kelly Kelly, which leads to her heel turn & alliance with the Divas of Doom (as I detailed in a comment earlier). The Divas of Doom have been laying low on Double K the past couple of weeks, which could work in this ideas favor.


2. Align face Divas with Kelly Kelly (AJ, Alicia Botch Fox,or two of whoever else they have) & have them go against the Divas of Doom (with new member Eve Torres) for a couple of weeks.


3. Have the DOD brutally attack AJ, which causes her to kayfabe be out for 3 months, which then turns the war to a 2-on-3 battle.


4. Bring in or back a WRESTLING diva (Layla or Melina), and have them "come to the rescue" of Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox during a DOD beatdown.


5. Give either Nattie or Beth the championship! Enough said.


6. If these angles go well enough and is able to last a while longr (which I highly doubt), this can lead to the return of a neutral, everbody-gets-hurt minded Kharma, who wipes out everybody on the path to a "Ali vs. Frasier" power match with Kharma vs. either Beth or Nattie at future PPVs, hopefully WrestleMania.


--Tha Truth Shoots--






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